Selecting the best CDN for WordPress

At a glance

Spurd optimizes your WordPress site for any CDN

You should choose the CDN based on your target audience’s location

If you use the Multi-CDN feature, Spurd automatically selects the best CDN

You can use your existing CDN or let Spurd set it up for you

There’s not the one and only best CDN for WordPress

WordPress is one of those CMS’ that, because of their rich features and flexibility, depend on many external resources like plugins or analytics tools. Loading those resources of your website can slow down your pages, because the browser fetches every file from a single server. The more files (and data) is exchanged between browser and client, and the bigger the files sent, the slower your website gets.

A Content Delivery Network is a powerful service that loads and stores your website and its assets (scripts, images, and others) in a globally available cache.

Whenever a visitor opens one of your pages, the browser will look for the geographically closest cache (“Point-of-presence”) and deliver the content from there.

This significantly improves the latency and allows the browser to show your page much faster.

Finding the best Content Delivery Network for your visitors

Rather than looking for a CDN for your WordPress website, you should find the service that fits your visitors best. Spurd will make sure that the CDN is able to deliver the perfect performance from your website. Spurd ensures the seamless integration of the CDN with your WordPress setup.

Some factors to consider

Where are you visitors located?

The main benefit of a CDN is that your page is cached all over the world so it can be served to your visitors as fast as possible. Especially if you target a global audience including visitors from Asia, you should carefully check the points-of-presence of the CDN providers to see if they can serve all your target regions.

How much does it cost?

While all serious CDN providers offer a performance that is superior to hosting a website on a single server, as always, the perfect CDN might come with a premium fee. Keep in mind that some of the premium features offered (mostly for a fee) by a CDN might already be included in your Spurd subscription (like dynamic image optimization)

How about GDPR compliance and data privacy?

If you want to perfectly comply with EU’s GDPR and focus on your users’ data privacy, there are CDNs made in the EU like OVHCloud. Using European services will make GDPR compliance a lot easier.

Let Spurd select the right CDN for your website

Spurd automatically integrates the best CDN from our provider selection. By constantly monitoring your website metrics and its visitors’ experience Spurd is able to find the best CDN for your WordPress (and any other) website.

Optionally, the dynamic Multi-CDN feature can also enable multiple CDNs for different geographic regions.

Bring your CDN

If you’re already using a CDN Spurd will guide you to integrate your CDN with Spurd. Of course, it will also be automatically monitored and optimized to get the most performance out of your website.

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