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Spurd is an affordable service for automatic website optimization that gets the best out of your website. For faster pages, lower costs and more visitors.

More leads through automatic website optimization

study about the impact of faster websites on the website visitors by Google, Fifty Five and Deloitte analyzed how webpages can benefit from a better user experience:

Faster websites increase the conversion rate by up to 10 percent
Users stay longer and spend more at optimized websites
Faster websites can improve bounce rates by 8%

Google prefers faster websites

Optimized websites have a competitive advantage, because Google uses the user experience with a page  as a signal for ranking the page.

"We will prioritize pages with great page experience"


Your easy way to a faster website



Create an account (this is very easy and does not require any payment data) and enter your Internet address.



Within minutes, Spurd analyzes your website for problems and opportunities for improvement.



Spurd automatically applies optimizations – without you having to set anything up awkwardly.
Within minutes, Spurd analyzes your website for problems and opportunities for improvement.



After optimization you can check the result in a private preview.



Once you are ready, simply forward your domain to the optimized version of your website.



Spurd continuously monitors and improves your optimized website.

Automatically optimized websites - better speed for WordPress, too

With WordPress it can be quite easy to create private homepages, webshops and corporate websites. Especially the many available plugins help to make each page as individual as possible. However, often these WordPress plugins are not designed for performance or do not work properly with other plugins, so the pages become slower. Spurd contains many optimizations that can otherwise only be implemented in WordPress with plugins.

Save money for plugins

that you don't need anymore

No more work

with updates of plugins in your WordPress installation

WordPress Optimization

Less errors

due to incompatible plugins

More security

through shielding of the actual WordPress website

Fast availability worldwide through CDN

By using a Content Delivery Network, your pages and media are cached globally on many servers for lightning fast display to visitors anywhere in the world.

Either fully automated in the background for those who like it simple, or by integrating an existing service, for companies already using a CDN.

Focus on privacy

Spurd is a service within the EU jurisdiction and therefore fully committed to data protection. This reduces the risk of warning letters for the use of especially American services like Google Analytics with unclear legal situation.

And since we like many of these services, Spurd optionally offers privacy-compliant integration of Google Analytics and other tracking services that do not transfer any of your visitors’ personal data.

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Automatic Website Optimization - fast and easy